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Special Automation Systems

Special Automation Systems
Special Automation Systems Special Automation Systems

Gatwick® Technologies has had
the distinction of designing and manufacturing special purpose machines
specific to the exact needs of international clients throughout many
industries since 1969. Each project is specially 3D CAD designed from
concept to fit the client's specifications and developed with all the
client's requirements in mind. First and foremost, Gatwick are welding
design engineers. Allied to this specialist knowledge, most Gatwick
machines encompass a high level of automation including loading,
assembly, unloading, and robotics.

Within our main premises, we 3D design,
develop, manufacture, test, project manage, document and program new
machinery. In addition to this, we provide comprehensive service and
back-up facilities and, where required, a service contract. Being able
to offer a wide range of skills in house enables us to be flexible and
responsive in delivering solutions. Design change and customer
refinement frequently occur. With the disciplines all in house, regular
project meetings keep the team on course and ensure that the client's
desired goal is realised. As an O.E.M. the variety of machines that we
manufacture covers a large selection of industries and technologies.

  • Specifications
  • Software
  • Applications

All Automation systems are designed, manufactured and tested to Gatwick specifications. We have the flexibility to meet customer specific specifications during the design stage.

All automation systems are designed to fully integrate into the welding cell. We can offer control of automation through welder HMI or through a separate control panel.

Suitable for our complete range of Friction Welders, Upsetters, resistance welders and Friction Stir Welders, automation can be utilized for:

Component Loading

Component Unloading

Component Orientation